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The Voice: Season 11, Three Battles Plus Montage, 10/11/16

October 12th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

The judges (or coaches) of The Voice Season 11 are continuing the battle rounds, cutting their teams by half but at the same time stealing contestants from other teams. Six battles were squeezed into an hour Tuesday–three were extensively featured, the others were compressed into a what-was-that montage:

1.  Team Miley, Sophia Urista vs. Lane Mack, which is an odd pairing because she’s a New York rock singer (who also sings in a show) and he’s Southern Cajun swamp-blues. Miley putting them together is–well, Miley. It’s especially strange considering her song selection, because she goes to classic rock and Pink Floyd’s “Money,” which doesn’t really fit either singer’s style. She should’ve picked something more obviously bluesy–some classic Elvis or Memphis soul, maybe. On the performance, Blake comments he’d pick Lane, while Alicia says she’d pick Sophia. Miley picks Sophia, explaining, “on the basis of who I’d want to be a guide for.” Nobody steals Lane, maybe because he was a one-chair turn, and I’m a little sorry to see him go, because I was looking forward to him adding some more Cajun flavor to the season.

2.  Team Blake, Ethan Tucker vs. Courtney Harrell, who represent different genres of urban/ethnic music. Blake assigns them “Gravity,” because, he says, “This song lands in the middle of who they are.” I’m not sure I see “the middle of who they are” in a John Mayer ballad–I’d have assigned them some reggae or Motown. However, they turn the song into a blue-note cruise, starting tender and ending big. Blake’s rival judges all say they can’t decide which singer is the one to keep. Blake can’t decide, either, but he finally keeps Courtney, possibly because she’s more likely to win audience votes with her R&B-pop style. Ethan, with a more eclectic style, walks.

3.  A montage of three battles that go by so fast, it’s hard to catch who’s dueting with whom, let alone who’s being kept and who’s not.  I had to go to the NBC site to figure out the score. I know this much, there were no steals:

(A) Team Adam, Elia Esparza vs. Ponciano Seoane (they’re both Texans), Adam keeps Seoane.

(B) Team Miley, Josette Diaz vs. Charity Bowden, who gets cut (and Bowden got about one second of face time during the auditions, too).

(C)  Team Miley again, Southern-goth veteran Maye Thomas vs. young lesbian Apache Kalia Kimberly, who gets cut.

4.  Team Alicia, Michael Sanchez vs. Dave Mosian, which makes a brilliant match-up between Alicia’s two geeky keyboardists with glasses. Her celebrity guest advisor, Charlie Puth, says Dave reminds him of John Mayer and Michael reminds him of Randy Newman. I’m not sure whether Charlie or Alicia first got the idea to have the contestants take turns at the keyboards while singing–I think it was a group decision. The assignment is an obscure song–“Valerie” from the British group Zutons back in ’06. The duet makes it a mix of white soul and progressive jazz. Miley raves how it’s a “real” performance. Alicia says, “I already loved what you done” [Dave] but she thinks the big surprise is Michael. She keeps Sanchez, who was a one-chair turn. That leaves Maroon 5 fan Dave Mosian, who was a four-chair turn, available for a steal. Adam wants to steal him. Blake eggs Miley to compete (keep Mosian away from Adam, that is) but Miley stays out of it. Adam gets his Maroon 5 fan.

We still have a large number of battles to go, so tune in next Monday for two more hours of battling contestants and bickering judges.



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