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The Amazing Race: Flashback, Season 11, 3rd Leg, Original Air Date 3/4/07

November 9th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Since CBS still hasn’t announced an air date for The Amazing Race Season 29, let’s take a look back at Season 11, with a cast that included some of the most aggressive players in the show’s history. As the third episode opens, nine teams leave the pit stop at the church in San Pedro de Altacama, Chile, in this order:

  • Rob/Amber (Ramber), Survivor couple
  • Oswald/Danny, gay friends
  • Joe/Bill, Team Guido, gay couple
  • Eric/Danielle, couple that raced on separate teams in Season 9
  • Uchenna/Joyce, black married couple
  • Dustin/Kandice, beauty queens
  • Charla/Mirna, aka Mirna and “Smurna”
  • Teri/Ian, retired married couple
  • Dave/Mary, the original Team Kentucky

Ramber leave the pit stop shortly before midnight and get their next clue, to fly to Puerto Montt, Chile, then drive about thirty miles to a fish farm. It’s around midnight so Rob asks someone in town about a late-night Internet connection. There is a late-night travel agency nearby. Ramber book their plane tickets.

The first three teams to get to the airport are Danny/Oswald, Eric/Danielle, and Team Guido. The airport’s closed but there are three ticket counters. The teams stake out all three, with the plan that whichever opens first, the team at that counter can book tickets for everyone. Uchenna/Joyce arrive and make another suggestion. They’ll go to a nearby hotel, and use the hotel’s Internet connection to book tickets for all four teams. The other teams take up the offer, and supply their credit card info.

Other teams arrive at the airport:  Dave/Mary, Charla/Mirna, Teri/Ian, Dustin/Kandice. Soon Uchenna/Joyce return with good and bad news. They needed security codes as well as credit card numbers to book airline tickets. The only team that had the foresight to give them that information was Team Guido, so Uchenna/Joyce and Team Guido have tickets. The others have to scramble.

Soon ticket counters open and the remaining teams book their tickets. Eric, however, finds out that Uchenna/Joyce, Team Guido, and Ramber have tickets on a different, earlier flight that involves connecting planes. Eric/Danielle are able to change to that earlier flight. Teri/Ian and Charla/Mirna try, but are told they’ll have to be on standby for the connection.

Teams all fly to the connecting airport. Teri/Ian and Charla/Mirna race to see about the standby flight. Teri/Ian get there first. Charla/Mirna barge in front of them. They argue, but the end result is: the connection’s full. Five teams have to wait for a slightly later connection.

Four teams make the earlier connection:  Ramber, Uchenna/Joyce, Team Guido, and Eric/Danielle. They get into waiting rental cars and drive to the fish farm. At a fork in the road, Ramber goes one way and the other three teams go the other, which turns out to be the correct route. That puts Ramber a little behind.

At the fish farm is this leg’s roadblock. One person has to transfer 80 fish from a breeding tank to a holding tank. They’re a large flat fish (halibut, maybe) so all the fish have to be transferred for the bottom of the tank to be clearly visible. The next clue is painted on the bottom of the tank.

Uchenna, Joe, and Danielle start transferring the fish. Ramber arrives and Amber volunteers to transfer the fish. Their strategy appears to be: front-load RB tasks that she can do. Everyone’s yelling. Danielle’s screaming about the fish and Eric’s screaming at her, “Use your boobs!” and other pleasantries. Rob objects to that–in his post-leg interview. “I was making comments about Amber, but different kind of comments,” he says.

Soon the five teams from the second flight arrive and join in transferring fish, with more yelling, and people running and stumbling. Uchenna finishes first. He reads the clue on the bottom of the tank, which reads, “Find the sign for La Mangarita along the river just before the town of Petrohue.” That’s about a 50-mile drive away.

Team Guido finishes the RB 2nd but they don’t write down the entire clue. Ramber finish third, Danielle/Eric, fourth, the beauty queens, fifth, Dave/Mary, sixth, Oswald/Danny, seventh, Teri/Ian, eighth, and Charla/Mirna, last.

Eric/Danielle and Ramber are the first teams to find the clue box at the place they were directed to from the fish farm. This clue is for the detour, both for wilderness sports:  teams may rock climb, or raft Class 3 rapids. Everyone chooses river-rafting.

The two front-runners separate, and so Ramber gets to the rafting stop 1st. Before teams can go rafting, they have to stop at changing tents, to change their clothes and leave their bags. When teams are done rafting and take a shuttle back to the tents, they get their next clue. Ramber is the first to finish, and find the clue is for the pit stop, three-and-a-half miles away at a black sand beach called Playa Petrohue. They’re first to the mat. They win exercise equipment.

Eric/Danielle are 2nd to the raft stop. Dustin/Kandice find the rafting place and assume the clue box is somewhere along the rapids. Uchenna/Joyce arrive, and pass Eric/Danielle on the rapids. Uchenna/Joyce are 2nd to the pit stop, Eric/Danielle, third. Dustin/Kandice are 4th but Phil tells them they need to go back and pick up the clue envelope they missed. They find the clue box, get the envelope, and are still in 4th place when they get back to Phil.

Dave/Mary come to a fork in the road. They take the wrong fork. Charla/Mirna ask directions from a guy in Petrohue, then literally drag him into their car even as he protests he has to work. (“We’ll give you $50!” the women say.) Team Guido meet and team up with Charla/Mirna, and so they find out about the part of the clue they didn’t get.

Danny/Oswald are fifth to get to the rapids, Teri/Ian, sixth. Teri falls in while rafting but gets back into the raft safely. When the teams are finished, Danny/Oswald save time by not changing from their swimwear before they drive to the pit stop. They finish the leg in 5th place. Teri/Ian come in sixth.

Team Guido and Charla/Mirna race neck-and-neck through the rapids. Like Danny/Oswald, both teams try to save time by not changing afterward. Except Charla/Mirna can’t find their car keys. Team Guido races out of the raft company’s parking lot, crashing into a post as they go, and place seventh. Charla/Mirna find their car keys, and place eighth.

Dave/Mary drove far out of their way when they took the wrong fork in the road. They’re last to get to the detour, last to raft the rapids, and last to get to the pit stop. They’re eliminated.




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