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The Voice: Season 11, Final 12, 11/14/16

November 15th, 2016 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Time to vote on The Voice, with a field of twelve singers being narrowed down to one champion in several weeks. Garth Brooks was the celeb guest advisor for the final twelve on Monday.

Featured singers:  Sundance Head, Billy Gilman, Brendan Fletcher, Ali Caldwell, Darby Ann Walker, Aaron Gibson, SaRayah, Christian Cuevas, We McDonald, Josh Gallagher, Austin Allsup, Courtney Harrell

1.  Sundance Head, Team Blake:  Country singer Head starts the evening off well with “My Church.” Miley tells him, “I think you were made for this moment.”

2.  Darby Walker, Team Miley: “Ruby Tuesday” is an inappropriate song choice for Walker, and wouldn’t you know Miley was who picked it out. Miley says her singer (who’s bleached her hair a shade lighter and taken off her hat since the earlier rounds) has a “familiar” voice, like something out of the sixties and seventies. Walker can’t sing like Mick Jagger, and she tries to do the song as some kind of idiosyncratic folk song–and sounds like some animal in agony. Before the performance, Garth said something about Walker felt the lyrics, and after the performance, Miley said roughly the same thing. No, Miley and Garth, Darby didn’t “feel” the lyrics. She slaughtered them.

3.  Christian Cuevas, Team Alicia:  Weird song choices are trending this evening. Cuevas sings Coldplay’s “The Scientist” for his girlfriend, and his voice isn’t compatible with power-ballad rock. He needs to stick to pop love ballads. Alicia gushes, “You have the ability to take any song from anywhere” but he doesn’t.

4.  SaRayah, Team Alicia:  After two mediocre performances, it’s nice to hear someone who can sing even when shifting genres. SaRayah moves into rock territory with Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer.” Garth says, “SaRayah’s taking this song where it’s never been before.” We know she’s got soul, now she shows she can rock, too.

5.  Billy Gilman, Team Adam:  Former boy soprano Gilman wants to get away from the Nashville scene that made him a child star. Garth Brooks thinks he’s improved now that he’s an adult. Gilman takes Queen’s big dramatic “The Show Must Go On” and gives a big dramatic performance. Adam says this singer can “feel” the lyrics and Adam’s right. The performance gets the judges and studio audience on their feet. Adam says, “This is just the very very beginning for you.”

6.  Austin Allsup, Team Blake:  “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” (an Aretha Franklin song) may seem like an odd choice for country rocker Allsup but he makes it work. He doesn’t sound anything like Elvis but he brings an Elvis flavor to the song just the same. At rehearsal Garth’s excitedly talking about how there’s only a few country female vocalists–Kelly Clarkson, Trisha Yearwood–can do Aretha, but Allsup can.  Blake comments afterward, “There’s a movement happening in country … a new generation of outlaw country artists and I doubt there’s anybody in that group that can sing like you.”

7.  We McDonald, Team Alicia:  Like everybody else who meets this squeaky-speaking teen alto, Garth says, “It can’t be the same person.” McDonald tries to show her rock side with “Take Me to Church” but we have yet another inappropriate song choice. Not only is it gender-inappropriate (perhaps even age-inappropriate), it doesn’t show off her alto to full advantage.

8.  Aaron Gibson, Team Miley:  This season’s weakest voice gushes that meeting Garth Brooks is like meeting Elvis or The Beatles. No, not quite, I’d say more like meeting Eddy Vedder. Gibson’s song is yet another left-field choice:  “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings.” He says he wants to show his alt-rock side with a song that hasn’t been done on The Voice before. His aspirate voice can rock, in a post-punk emo way, and this song brings that out. He does keep getting better–once again, he turns in a season-best performance–and we’ll see how voters respond. Blake says, “If Godzilla could sing, that’s what he’d sound like!” (Godzilla was a she, Blake, but I guess you mean well.)

9.  Courtney Harrell, Team Blake:  “I saved Courtney because of her range,” says Blake. Harrell’s song choice is “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” and she wants to sing it for her young son. At rehearsal Blake and Garth tell her it’s too pretty, and if she wants to give it some of Steven Tyler’s angst, she should sing it as a love song–so she sings it to them, and everyone agrees, much better. Unfortunately she’s no Steven Tyler, and her performance still sounds too sweet and pretty.

10.  Josh Gallagher, Team Adam:  Garth says about Adam’s country singer, “when he opens his mouth you believe him,” like Willie Nelson. Gallagher’s vocals are subdued on Jason Aldean’s “Why” but his performance is betraying a need for something bigger. He’s down on his knees, even though the song doesn’t call for it. Adam admits it was good to have Garth giving advice because country “isn’t in my wheelhouse.” At that Blake piles on. Adam’s been begging for a country singer, so he’d better not fumble on this one.

11.  Ali Caldwell, Team Miley:  The late Leonard Cohen is known for his dark cynical songs but Caldwell sounds sweet and pretty, if dramatic, on his “Did I Ever Love You.” The judges all stand and applaud. Carson Daly gets carried away and proclaims, “A new front-runner!” Alicia comments, “That was a real moment!”

12.  Brendan Fletcher, Team Adam:  This Brooklyn rocker used to be in a metal band. Adam says he kept him on the team because, “There was something you did I connected to.” Garth agrees, “There’s no other voice like it.” Fletcher brings a metal flavor to “Whipping Post,” an Allman Brothers song from the sixties. He sings it like some kind of head-banging confessional, and we get the rock performance of the night. Blake says afterward, “There’s a battle brewin’ between you and Aaron!” Adam adds, “This guy was not this guy to begin with.”

One singer will be cut tonight and one will get a Twitter save (for East Coast voters only). Based on the performances, Christian and Darby appear to be the weakest links. However ’tis the season for peeking at the iTunes charts for a spoiler alert. Based on that SaRayah, Courtney and Aaron may be in trouble.

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