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The Voice: Season 12, Auditions Continue, 3/7/17

March 9th, 2017 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Yesterday I didn’t post my usual morning-after Voice recap because I was supporting The Day Without A Woman. So now this woman’s back to reviewing the singers who auditioned two nights ago, and what the celebrity judges (aka coaches) said and did:

1.  Johnny Gates, long-haired rocker, sings “Maggie May,” the seventies’ Rod Stewart hit. He has a voice like a schoolboy–a mature one, but a pure one–so the “I really should be back in school” line sounds genuine. He gets the attention of Gwen, Blake, and Alicia. Blake compares him to Mick Jagger. Gwen points out there was a time when the group she sang in, No Doubt, was just a ska band in bars. Johnny says, “All us garage band kids got to stick together” and he picks Gwen.

2.  Malik Devage (that’s how his name’s spelled on the NBC site), a fine R&B vocalist, barely starts his song before Adam turns around. Maybe Adam’s comment, “Your upper register, you need work,” explains why the other judges sit this one out. It’s a one-chair turn, so he’s on Team Adam.

3.  High school girl Lauryn Judd takes choir and theater classes. She sings “Girls Just Want to have Fun” without Cyndi Lauper’s quirkiness. She has a tiny little voice, young, inexperienced, so I doubt she’ll last long. At first the judges appear unimpressed. Gwen and Alicia finally turn when the audition’s about three-quarters over. Blake waits even longer, until the last lines. Judd picks Alicia.

4.  Sweet-voiced Caroline Sky is another teenager whose youth and inexperience show. She auditions with “Will You Still Love me Tomorrow” which is very much the wrong song for her, and she can’t carry its tricky tune. Gwen and Blake turn, but late. Sky picks Gwen, because Gwen was so young when she started, too.

5.  So many teens this season, but Josh Hoyer is a 40-year-old bartender with a wife and kids. He also sings in bars. He’s got a red beard and black hat. He’s an old soul (he’s influenced by Otis Redding) with an old soul song, “Oh, Girl.” He’s bluesy but he doesn’t show much range. Gwen and Blake turn around. Adam sits this one out–but comments, “Soulful.” Blake’s said previously he’s been looking for “a manly man” singer, and now he says, “There’s nobody like you on the show.” (There may be a few but they’re on Team Adam.) Hoyer picks Blake, so Blake’s got his manly-man team member.

Teams will fill next week. After that comes a rough stretch, where teams will be cut in half.

The teams so far:

Alicia:  Lilly Passero, Autumn Turner, Felicia “Keys” Temple, Anatalia Villaranda, Lauryn Judd, Missy Robertson make a crowd of female pop/soul vocalists. Piano man Jack Cassidy and young Michael Jackson impersonator Quizz Swaningan are her only male vocalists so far.

Gwen:  Rockers Johnny Gates and Troy Ramey, R&B vocalists J Chosen, Brandron Royal, female pop vocalists Savannah Leyton, Caroline Sky, Stephanie Rice, Aallyah Rose.

Blake:  Female country vocalists Allaya Moulden, Brennley Brown, Lauren Dusky, Cassie Joy, Ashley Levin, old soul Josh Hoyer, female pop vocalist Micah Tryba.  

Adam:  Rockers Jesse Larson, Josh West, Johnny Hayes, Mark Isiah, Julien Martinez, male R&B vocalists Malik Devage and Kawan De Bose, female pop vocalist Gabby Borromeo, country singer Taylor Alexander.



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