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The Voice: Season 12, More Battles, 3/21/17

March 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

When The Voice is in battle rounds, who duets with whom and who gets stolen determines who gets through to the next round. That means some people are going to go home who shouldn’t have, and some people are going to stay despite not appearing to be a front-runner. Here’s what we saw and (thanks to three battles being condensed into sound-bytes) didn’t see Tuesday night:

1.  Team Gwen, Johnny Gates vs. Sammie Zonana:  Gwen says she paired these two because they’re both alternative (or in Adam’s words, “leather-clad bad *sses”). She–and celeb guest mentor Celine Dion–make much of the song assignment, “I Drove all Night.” It was recorded by Celine Dion, but also by Roy Orbison and Cyndi Lauper, and the latter two singers are more likely models for Gates’ and Zonana’s vocals. Gwen likes Gates’ “character” voice and, despite this show being The Voice she says she thinks the deciding factor will be stage presence. All three of Gwen’s fellow judges think this battle’s winner is Johnny Gates, and Gwen must agree because she keeps him. 

Nobody steals Sammie Zonana.

2.  Team Alicia, RJ Collins vs. Chris Blue:  Alicia says both male vocalists have beautiful, soulful voices but in different ways. She compares Collins to Usher, Blue to Marvin Gaye. She gives them “Adorn,” a contemporary hit, but one she thinks has a classic R&B style. Her celeb guest advisor, DJ Khaled, suggests the result sounds like nineties’ R&B, like New Edition. Gwen provides the most memorable moment of this battle, however, because after the performance she starts babbling to Blue about, “I was mesmerized by your body” and to Collins about, “distracting me.” Adam thinks the voices were super-even, while Blake says, “RJ, your stage presence is incredible but, Chris, I think you could be in the finals.” Alicia keeps Chris Blue, explaining that he has a versatility that she has yet to scratch the surface of.

Nobody steals RJ Collins. I supposed the other judges would be hot to bid for him, but they aren’t, maybe preferring to work with the R&B vocalists they already have.

3. through 5. Montage:  NBC and Voice producers, please don’t reduce any battle rounds to sound-byte caricature anymore. I know we can go online to watch, but we shouldn’t have to. Next season, jiggle the airtime or the number of contestants or whatever, but let us see why people were kept or not, instead of sending the message that some contestants don’t matter. Now for the results, which we’re not even sure we really saw–except a check of the NBC site reveals the current teams and no additional steals:

3.  Team Adam, Nala Price vs. Josh West, Adam keeps West. Nobody steals Price.

4.  Team Gwen, Aaliyah Rose vs. Savannah Leighton, Gwen keeps Rose. Nobody steals Leighton.

5.  Team Blake, Andrea Thomas vs. Micah Tryba, Blake keeps Thomas. Nobody steals Tryba.

6.  Team Blake, Dawson Coyle vs. Aliyah Moulden:  Blake takes two of his young pop singers who could be country, and assigns them the eighties’ pop hit, “Walkin’ on Sunshine.” During the performance, Moulden sounds less like the blues-shouter that she was at her audition, and more soulful (like the Aaliyah, maybe). By comparison Coyle’s more like a back-up singer who has a featured part with the star. Gwen likes Moulden–but Adam and Alicia like Coyle. Blake keeps Moulden, which makes sense.

Alicia uses the only steal she’s got left on Coyle, which doesn’t make much sense. She says he fills a certain slot on her team, but I don’t think he’s going to win the season, and there are more intriguing possibilities left on the board.

So RJ Collins is out, Dawson Coyle is still in. Tune in next week to see who else stays and goes.



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