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The Amazing Race: Flashback, Season 11, Argentina, Air Date 3/11/07

November 8th, 2017 · No Comments

by Lyn Jensen

Checking into The Amazing Race world this week, I find CBS still hasn’t announced an air date for TAR Season 30. So let’s flashback to the fourth leg of Season 11, when Rob and Amber bit the dust early, and TAR nation rejoiced.

In the first All-star season, eight teams are travelling from Chile to the very tip of South America. They are:

  • Scheming Survivor couple Rob/Amber (aka “Ramber”), Season 7
  • Scheming gay couple Joe/Bill (aka “Team Guido”), Season 1
  • Beauty queens Dustin/Kandice, Season 10
  • Bickering senior married couple Teri/Ian, Season 3
  • Black married couple Uchenna/Joyce, winners of Season 7
  • Gay “friends” Danny/Oswald, Season 2
  • Cousins Mirna/Charla from Season 5, Charla is disabled–a dwarf–and the other racers have knicknamed her “Smurna” like the Smurfs
  • Romantic couple Eric/Danielle who met while competing on separate teams in Season 9

Ramber are in first place starting this leg, and open their first clue at 6:11 a.m. It directs them to fly to Punta Arenas, Chile, and travel by taxi about 15 miles to the site of a historic shipwreck.

The remaining teams start for the airport over the next two hours. Most of the teams get on the same flight. Two–Team Guido and Charla/Mirna–have to get on a second, later flight.

Once the front-running teams arrive in Punta Arenas and are in their taxis, Rob brags to the camera about how he got an airline stewardess to give him written directions to the shipwreck. In a different taxi, Uchenna has a different story. He says an airline stewardess wrote down directions for him, but when she went to hand it over, Rob grabbed it.

Ramber are 1st to the shipwreck, Danny/Oswald 2nd, Eric/Danielle 3rd. The clue box here holds choices for a detour, and both tasks relate to navigation:

(1) Teams can get a map and make their way to the town plaza, where a man in a sailor suit will give them a compass. They’re to use the map and compass to navigate to a nautical salvage business.

(2)  Teams are to pick up supplies for a directional signpost and make their way to a city display, a map that commemorates Magellan’s voyage. They’re to make signs and nail them to a post showing the order of his ports o’ call. They don’t have to point the signs in the right directions (although I’d think they’d at least have to point east or west), but they do have to get the correct names of the ports. The map can be confusing, since Magellan started in Spain, but the map is designed so Spain is in the middle.

Of the six front-running teams, Ramber, Uchenna/Joyce, and Dustin/Candice choose the directional signs. Eric/Danielle, Danny/Oswald, and Teri/Ian choose the map and compass. Eric/Danielle are 1st to find the sailor and first to find the nautical salvage company. They pick up the next clue. It directs them back to the airport, where they’re to sign up for one of two chartered flights, which leave three hours apart the next day for the southern tip of Argentina. Danny/Oswald are 2nd, Teri/Ian, a distant 3rd. They’re all ahead of the sign-makers. They all sign up for the 1st charter.

At the signs, Joyce realizes she and Uchenna have been reading the map wrong. They make their signpost again, this time with Magellan starting in Spain, not Guam. They’re the first to finish the sign challenge. They get to the airport and are 1st on the 2nd charter.

Ramber never get their signpost right, because neither thinks to compare how they’re spelling the name of the Philippines with the name on the map. The beauty queens can’t get their signs right, either. Both teams give up and switch.

The two teams running last arrive at the shipwreck, and pick up their clues for the detour. Joe/Bill pick the map and compass. Charla/Mirna pick the directional sign. Team Guido passes Ramber and the beauty queens on the compass detour, making the middle-aged gay couple the fifth team to complete either detour.

Rob’s sure he knows where the compass is supposed to lead–to a nautical museum–but he’s wrong. A man at the museum gives Ramber and the beauty queens directions to the salvage company.

Charla/Mirna do more arguing than sign-making. They give up and switch detours. They argue their way through that detour, too, but at least they complete it.

The next day:  Teri/Ian, Oswald/Danny, and Eric/Danielle are on the first charter flight, departing at 8 a.m. and travelling to Tierra Del Fuego, the southern tip of South America. Once off the plane, they’re to take taxis and find a clue box near a boat dock in a woodland area.

All three teams search frantically for the clue box along the waterfront. Danny/Oswald find it first. That clue instructs teams to go to the boat dock, where they find a board with numbers. Teams take numbers to sign up for small boats that can only take two teams at a time to an island, where there’s a community acknowledged as being at the end of the world–the very tip of South America. The boats run 20 min. apart. Eric/Danielle and Danny/Oswald get to share the 1st boat. Teri/Ian are 3rd so they have to wait 20 min. for the next boat.

Teams have to find the island’s post office and when they do, they find a roadblock: one team member must sort through a sack of mail and find a letter addressed to their team. Each team is getting a letter from someone they raced against in their original season. After one teammate reads the letter to the other, a woman at the post office will hand over a clue envelope with directions to this leg’s pit stop.

By now the second plane has landed. Joe/Bill, Uchenna/Joyce and the beauty queens get taxis. Ramber and Charla/Mirna don’t. Ramber search for a taxi. Charla/Mirna have a man call for one. A taxi appears. Ramber jump in it. Charla/Mirna run up, beat on the windows and yell but to no avail. For the rest of the episode Mirna complains about how Ramber stole the cab.

Three of the trailing teams find the clue box, then the boat dock, and get their numbers. Team Guido and the beauty queens get to share one boat, Uchenna/Joyce will have to wait. Ramber and Charla/Mirna, who had bad taxi luck, keep looking for the clue box. Ramber lead Mirna to think they’ve found the clue when they haven’t. Mirna adds that to her list of very bitter, very loud complaints.

Ramber do find their clue and get to the boat dock in time to share a boat with their old rivals Uchenna/Joyce. When Ramber tell the middle-of-the-pack teams how they deceived Mirna, everybody laughs. When the female team arrives at the boat dock, they confront Ramber, who deny everything.

At the post office, Danny/Oswald find their letter, from Blake/Paige. The pit stop clue tells them to “search the island on foot,” so they start off looking along a woodland path to find Phil and the mat.

Eric/Danielle find their letter, from their season 9 teammates Jeremy and Dani, and take off to find Phil. Teri/Ian find the post office. Teri starts searching through a bag of mail.

Unlikely first-place finishers Danny/Oswald find Phil first, meaning they win the leg and a trip to Hawaii. Eric/Danielle are 2nd. Teri finds a letter to her and Ian from Season 3 winners Flo/Zach. The senior married couple are the next to find Phil.

By now Team Guido and the beauty queens Dustin/Kandice are at the post office and sorting mail. One of the men complains he’s ruining his manicure and one of the beauty queens retorts she wishes she had a manicure to ruin. Joe/Bill find their letter. It’s a rap by Frank, who finished in second place on Season 1. It concludes, “I hope this annoys you as much as you annoyed me.” Team Guido laughs and agrees it doesn’t annoy them, they love it! They’re the fourth team to find the pit stop. The beauty queens’ letter is from their Season 10 rival Lyn of Team Alabama. Dustin/Kandice get to the pit stop in 5th place.

Uchenna/Joyce and Ramber reach the post office. Joyce sorts mail. Amber did the last RB so Rob sorts mail, even though Amber would probably have the better temperament for this job. Charla/Mirna arrive 20 min. later. It’s all about who lucks out and finds a letter.

Joyce finds a nice letter from Season 7 rivals Susan/Patrick. That leaves Mirna and Rob still sorting mail, and they argue. Mirna finds an insulting letter from a rival Season 5 racer–a guy that didn’t like her. Rob finds an insulting letter from Susan/Patrick. Now it’s a case of who finds the pit stop first. Mirna literally grabs Charla and drags her along while screaming foul insults back at Ramber.

Uchenna/Joyce have just arrived at the pit stop, and Mirna runs into view. Uchenna comes back and helps short-legged Charla along for the last few steps. Ramber isn’t even in the shot yet. There appears to be a lapse of time before Ramber arrive, in last place. The couple that was unstoppable for three legs is stopped–and eliminated.






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